Addicted to Energy

I may have not mentioned this yet, but I have never used energy to refuel during races. I have only run 5k’s and 10k’s, but I never even drink water during my runs. **Note don’t do as I do** Recently I have been researching “stalking” 🙂 a few blogs and decided to try different sources of refueling energy while training. So far these 2 products are the only ones I’ve tried so far..I love energy. It’s amazing how a little caffeine, glucose, and sodium can revive me almost instantly. I also make sure I put out water bottles and G2 every couple of miles along my route now. Why have I never figured this out before…!!! I have a few other products I will try out this week. I will let you know which I like best!!

Please feel free to let me know which “snacks” you use during long runs.

2 thoughts on “Addicted to Energy

  1. I know right! They are my fave…today I’m trying the Jelly Beans…we’ll see how that goes…cute blog btw! Thanks for stopping by…I’m new to all of this but plan to run many upcoming races. Pics and stories will follow each!

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