Tornado Alley, Flood City…the lovely Swamp!

Workout (yesterday): 5.11 miles 50 minutes, slow and easy!!

Last night our weather was pretty terrible in South Louisiana, especially in the swamp! My internet and electricity was down. I ended up falling asleep by 8pm!! Can’t remember the last time that happened. Felt good this morning. I want to run today, but I am trying to stick to some what of a schedule…It’s my rest day, I guess. Long run tomorrow and speed work Saturday!

On my rest day, my husband practically begged that we finally go grocery shopping. Isn’t that terrible. We have been so busy, and are running out of food. Grocery shopping wears me out. Eating healthy is so expensive. He wants all the fattening “good” food (so do the kids), and I try to get healthier things. I get “the look” every time I try to put fruits and veggies in the basket instead of chips and dip. Well off I go to teach 2nd graders today…

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