Dogs Make Me Run Faster…

Ran 11.00 miles; 1:46:21

I live in the country so there are many dogs along my running routes. I went on a different route from last week on my long run because a dog was growling at me. WELL…today two dogs came out of no where and literally barked and growled then proceeded to chase me. I was trying to take my husbands advice and not make eye contact..BUT I had music on and really couldn’t hear so I had to keep looking back to see if they were still there..One was on the side of me for awhile. I’m not afraid of dogs usually but these were mad at me for some reason. After they finally gave up on me I looked at my Garmin…and I was running in the 6:50’s. I don’t run that fast (ever) especially not for an 11 miler. I thought Hey, maybe if I bring dogs with me to New Orleans for the RnR half marathon I would run really fast…just let ’em loose…these dogs were vicious looking. They would probably help many people PR!!! Just a thought….

A few pics before and after my 1st “long run” today!

Kate asking why I needed the head band she is wearing..

Sydney got jealous and needed a pic with mom before my run..

My 2 time marathon runner husband...He had a PR of 3:21 in Houston and now look what he me get ready for a run...

It was only 43 degrees this morning..but I do live in South Louisiana…I wasn’t used to this cold. It ended up being wonderful running weather. My ears are so sensitive to the stupid wind I have to put my headphones in, then this band that makes me look like I’m ready for snow! I took it off around mile 6…

It was only 43 degrees

After my run….Kate taking pictures..

The goat/sheep farm…yes this is what I get to look at when I get home after my runs.jealous..I know.. THAT’S THE SWAMP WAY IN THE BACK…AGAIN..JEALOUS i KNOW….

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