A little Basketball and Sushi Please!!!???!!!

Last weeks Running Recap:

Monday: 5.11 miles 45: 37 (i think)

Tuesday 1.5 mile Speedwork ( ran between 7.0-8.2)

Wednesday 5.1 miles (right at 50 minutes)

Thursday: Rest Day (dinner at C’est Bon-Louisiana Boiled Crawfish and Shrimp!)

Friday:  11.00 1:46:36 (or 37 secs..runkeeper has exact )

Saturday: 5.0 miles in about 52 minutes- EASY fun run with friends!

Sunday Evening: 4.02 miles 35:11


31.73 MILES


My husband is a basketball coach for a small class B school here in Louisiana. We made it to the state Finals 3 years ago. He works his boys hard, they always seem to amaze the big A schools they play because they can usually beat them or give them a great game. We played the #1 team Friday night, whom we have beat twice this season already….AND we LOST…worse…We Lost at our Home Gym…BAD NEWS- had to go home with the head coach/athletic director

              Good News: Both 11 year old cheerleader and 10 year old basketball player both performed a cheer and dance at MIDLAND REBELS HALF TIME SHOW!!!! Congrats to Sydney and Kate, job well done.

My niece J and Gran(MIL)…at the game to watch Uncle T coach and the girls Cheer! (note Father in Law standing along back wall with all of his friends..in there special place getting ready for game time..he’s the school principal for 45 years now! Whewf..that’s a long time…)

Kate and Ju

Uncle T gettin’ ready

Uncle T…gettin’ MAD

Kate (the basketball player) cheering

Syd- the Cheerleader- Cheering (terrible pic I know..She’s in middle with cheer skirt and arm UP!!)

Kate and I after the Half time Performance (no pics with Coach tonight…he’s not really that happy right now)..


Now for Sushi-Hibachi Grill night…..A night with FRIENDS- Fuji-Lake Charles

…with a little FROZEN YOGURT from Yogurt Mountain after…

Wonderful Weekend of Running, Basketball, Sushi, and Frozen Yogurt!!!


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