Knee=pain..patella tendinitis??? RUN THROUGH IT!!!!

Ran 11 miles Friday, 5 Saturday, and 4 miles today…20 Miles in about 60 hours…That’s A LOT for ME!

I have increased my mileage alot lately. Now my knees tend to bother me every once in a while after my runs. I ran 5 miles yesterday and 4 just  a moment ago and decided to try the Mueller knee strap for support…

My hubs (the true runner) sort of laughed at me… I figured anything to help that patella tendinitis not get any worse. I just wanted to see if it worked. I thought it would bother me during the run but it didn’t. As soon as I finished my run I could feel my other knee (that didn’t wear the Mueller strap) begin to throb and a dull pain started setting in. I realized I needed to check my other knee and see if the strap helped….It amazingly did! I felt hardly no pain in my right knee that wore the strap! I decided I will buy another one for my left knee (EVEN if  T …my husband picks on me)…I’d rather run and enjoy it than be in pain!!!

2 thoughts on “Knee=pain..patella tendinitis??? RUN THROUGH IT!!!!

  1. Sorry for the misspelling of tendonitis…I looked it up and both ways go…terrible speller~~~ ACUPUNCTURE…I have never thought of that. I will definitely have to check this out. Thanks so much for the advice!

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