My Shirt!!!

Look what came in the mail today!!!! Whoop Whoop!!

I can’t wait to wear it to my next little 5k race in 2 weeks..MAYBE IT’LL HELP ME RUN AS FAST AS SR (SKINNY RUNNER)….ummm doubt it. She’s hardcore. Thanks SR for the awesome T. It fits very nicely…I tend to be thick in the mid section no matter how hard I try…SO this shirt is great for me, since it’s not so skin tight. Excuse some of the pics…I’m not “camera fab” by any means….Thanks SR at

Head tilt?? Kate was taking the pics and she was like “mom why are you looking that way? Your eyes are cross-eyed and your head is wobbly!!” Ha (no good at the picture posing)

I will post race pics after 2/11/12 wearing my TeamSkinnyRunner shirt!! Who knows…it could ended up being my New Orleans Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon attire on 3/4/12…ya never know!

5 thoughts on “My Shirt!!!

  1. Hi! I came across your blog by way of Skinny Runner’s. I just purchased the Flock of Seagulls shirt – the fit is great! I’m running the RnR NOLA marathon, too so maybe I’ll see you there!

    • Hey Kristin- thanks for stopping by! Yes, the shirt fits great…I can’t wait to test it out during a run…flu symptoms and severe head yuk right now..booo 😦 Anyhoo… I can’t wait for’s my first…I ‘m basically a jogger…I’m expecting a 2:15 time..or hoping for one for that matter. Hope to see you there. Would love to start seeing fellow run bloggers frequently at races!!

      • You will rock it and you’ll have a blast doing it! Just remember to have fun and all the rest will fall into place. This will be my first marathon (flying down from NY) so we are kind of in the same boat.

  2. Hey Kristin- I tried leaving a comment on your blog but it won’t let me..not sure what’s going on…I’m on twitter cajun_runner if you can find me…I follow you on twitter now! Would love to meet fellow runners in NOLA . Let me know if anyone plans on meeting up on that Friday or Saturday before the race for a few minutes! We could meet at Cafe Du Monde for a quick coffee and beignet!

    • Boo…stupid Blogger dashboard! Now following you on Twitter. 🙂 I will definitely let you know! Samantha of @runcupcake is running the marathon and we’ve been chatting back and forth but she’s the only one I know of. I would love to meet fellow bloggers! I am flying down late Thursday 3/1 so we should plan to talk more closer to the date. One more month…eeek! Will this be your first half marathon or just your first RnR race? Feel free to e-mail me directly to if you’d like. 🙂

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