Olive Garden after Friday night Basketball

Thursday: Ran 7.0 miles with my friend Heather…after 3 days of being sick it felt great to just RUN…it took 1:15min…Heather’s first 7 miler (and longest run ever!!)..She made it look easy by the way…and has no plans for races AT ALL…Heather’s dad won the Cajun Cup (south louisiana championship race) back in the 80’s..it must come natural to her! 

Friday: Ran 6.1 miles in 51:57…I am not a runner, but a jogger SO this was OUCH for me!

Saturday: 12.01 in 1:59:57 (that’s what my Garmin said..) My runkeeper.com was 2:00:18 because it was pouring rain and I had to take off my wet jacket to click END…it took a little longer so I’m going with the most accurate..Garmin…12miles in less that 2hours..yes barely less BUT LESS!!

OLIVE GARDEN with Melissa..after the B-ball game…Sent the husbands home on the bus and we went out to eat!



                                     Melissa not very happy about the candid shot…


Me enjoying my few bites of pasta, salad and a bread…this running in the morning hurts if I over eat like I love to do!


                                My Weakness..Olive Garden bread and alfredo dipping sauceImage

trying my new compression socks for a run instead of recovery..and my Aspaeris Pivot Compression shorts…another pair showed up in the mail…what are the odds…hmmmmm. Well I certainly look like I’m trying too hard, for a jogger! I decided that running in the shorts and socks was too heavy for me..too restrictive. I wore the shorts yesterday and had a hard time running 6 and couldn’t figure out why…ended up rolling the socks down off of calves during my 12 miles today..then it RAINED…



..And THUNDERED…and I was running 12 miles from my house to the elementary school where I teach…Rain felt good for a few miles then I go over it and got aggravated. Was ready for it to be over so I could go watch Syd and Kate at their basketball games!! 🙂


                  Wet and tired knees.. notice the compression socks at my ankles..since mile 2


GOOD NEWS: 12 miles in less than 2 hours…hopefully I can push a little and get that sub 2 half marathon!!



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