Fighting the head cold..yuck.


I haven’t been feeling very well for the past two weeks. I am off of the antibiotics finally. That 12 miler in the RAIN got me a few weeks ago. I made sure to eat my favorite snacks..over and over again. I was hoping this would help speed up my head cold recovery. I think it may have worked. I don’t eat like I should most of the time. New better and get back to STRENGTH WORK! ….Oh side note..speedwork I found from THE FASTER BUNNY….she’s awesome!! Thanks Margot!..will incorporate this (or try to anyway)!


Picture of myself FINALLY feeling good and so excited on my way for my 8 miler Monday. (Another side note) Remember to wear makeup occasionally..

8 miler complete in 1:17… 9:38 pace…I suck..but hopefully it’ll come.. And the crud is back…Came home from work early with this $20.00 medicine…DON”T FEEL WELL AT ALL…and missed my 5 miler today..(sad face)

On a happy note…Flowers from the Hubs for the FiRST time ever…And they were delivered to school and I had already left with fever…booo! But aren’t they so cute. I don’t like spending money on flowers. I thinks it’s a waste of  money…until I received them finally…it was a nice thought. He actually stopped his principal-ish duties and coaching tasks and called to order me flowers! The thought is nice! Love him dearly.

Well hoping tomorrow is better and I get somewhat of a run in. 10 mile race supposed to be Saturday, but the weather is calling for thunderstorms. Do I fight through it like I should and prove toughness, yet risk getting more sick before the upcoming RnR new orleans Half Marathon. Or should I stay on the safe side and go boring Treadmill route??? Hmmmmm…..

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