My First Half Marathon: Rock n Roll New Orleans! Part 1..the road to NOLA

Oh my goodness, I have no words to truly express how AWESOME this felt to me! I had never RUN a half/full marathon..EVER. I cheered at one in 2010 at Houston Chevron Marathon. Well, not really cheered but ran around trying to jump on shuttles to get to certain points not to miss my husband as he ran by! Anyway I really enjoyed being there and absolutely loved the EXPO..didn’t want to leave..of course I find ways to spend $$. Okay, enough about Hubs and his greatness…It’s ME TIME…

Houston in 2010 made me realize I wanted this for myself. I didn’t want to run half of a marathon chasing Todd around..although I LOVE supporting him, but I wanted this for me now. I wanted it for the feeling of accomplishment. In fact, someone asked me today, why do you do that to yourself? What do you get out of it? My response..I don’t it for ME, for a sense of accomplishment, to see if I can do it, and also because I enjoy it!

Back in October my husband and his friend signed all 3 of us up for the Rock n Roll New Orleans Half. He asked me what my predicted finish time was so that he could complete the registration process…my response: Wait, isn’t just finishing when I can enough?? Yes, lots of laughs in that coaches office that day! He decided to put my finish time at 2:45. I was like..OK ..hope that’s realistic! We’ll have to wait and see! We never spoke another word about it. Fast forward..Christmas time: My cousins mention they are running the Half in New Orleans..I’m like hey T aren’t we suppose to do that? He said WELL..I haven’t really trained..I don’t know maybe. This pushed my buttons. I was all like..wait a minute..I finally get to do this with you (husband) and now you are backing out. First thought..guess we’re not running. Ugh.

Next screw that…I AM RUNNING..and YOU (hubs) will at least be there for support! His response: Okay babe.

Okay it was set…I’m running ALONE. I can do this. Wait, can I? I hadn’t run since last summer. I was totally out of shape and it was almost January. I’ll do it I thought..I get it done!

9 weeks before race: Hubs: are you running that little half in NOLA…Me: Yes I am….Hubs: are you going to begin running?…Me: yes I guess, I’m just gonna do it alone…(sad face).

At that point I needed something to get me going..not sure what but something. I googled and googled more, and more. I came across I started looking through her blog. Great pictures of years of races with racing buddies..I got jealous..but only for a sec. I decided I was going to run for me and make my own running buddies and earn my own race pictures and my own racing medals! I also found Her website was just as inspirational as Katie from Baton Rouge. It’s great to see different people all over the country and how they live day to day while including running in their lives.


SR-SkinnyRunner   My home girl Katie- katieRUNSthis

Katie from @katierunsthis asked me if I was on Twitter..twitterwhat!!!!??? OK, Erica, learn all of this..learn twitter (first figure out what it is), then write a blog of your training and running journey. YOU CAN DO THIS…Long story short (or maybe longer..heehee) I have met so many wonderful people the past couple of months on my journey to my FIRST ROCK n ROLL NOLA Half Marathon!!

A special thanks to SR-SkinnyRunner from Cali…she has always answered all of my stupid questions and responded to me so efficiently..she’s awesome!

And an EXTRA fist pump super special THANKS to Katie Key of got lucky on this one..She lives only an hour away and I was able to meet her at a 10K the week before RnR Nola and we were able to meet up again for a media mash/tweet the EXPO..where I was this Mac Daddy… I met two other runners from New York that were so supportive to me through Twitter (yes I have learned it a little..still can’t post pics..ha)..Samantha of and Kristin of! These girls rock! We actually got to meet up at the Expo, it was great!

 Me (on right) and Kristin (aka) Sassphaltrunner

It was so crazy I didn’t get to take a pic with RunningandCupcakes…but definitely next time Samantha!

Part 2 of My first half marathon RnR Nola will discuss the race deets and my personal experience during the race..stay tuned..all 1 of you! (thanks hubs!)

Does anyone out there get as pumped as I do to meet other bloggers and tweeps?

I know I do!


7 thoughts on “My First Half Marathon: Rock n Roll New Orleans! Part 1..the road to NOLA

  1. Pumped? yeah. I was practically running to get to the expo on time to make it to the tweet-up! So glad we met. We can be long-distance running buddies! I am looking forward to the rest of your recap. I am about halfway through mine and thinking that maybe I should have broken it up into parts!

  2. Erica! You are TOO cute! Your excitement and enthusiasm literally jump off my computer screen!! I love it! I have so enjoyed getting to know you via Twitter/blog and now in person too! You are a delight!

    I’m still trying to twist the hubs’ arm about RnR Dallas. I’ll have an answer for you ASAP! 🙂

    • Haha…I’m really just a nerd, but I think I’m hilarious!!..that’s all that counts!! I have also enjoyed meeting everyone, especially YOU! You are such an inspiration. I so loved meeting everyone in New Orleans. Hopefully we will all meet again in the future at other races!! and I am so proud of Baby Key and his 1st race…what a winner!!!

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  4. Just stumbled across your blog. Love it! I especially like the fact that I’m not the only one who’s clueless about twitter. I feel like I need a teenager to explain it to me.
    Congrats on finishing your first half!

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