Whiny Butt and Random Pictures

Ok, I was trying to be tough after my first Half Marathon last Sunday, but I was feeling major knots and numbness in my legs. I decided to try ART muscle therapy?? Has anyone ever heard of this? Basically it’s pressure “trigger” point pressure and you move the muscle so that the knots melt away. I had my first session Wednesday night and I am leaving in a few minutes for my second visit. It really has helped. The chiropractor, who is also trained in ART, diagnosed me with Piriformis Syndrome and other issues with both of my IT bands and my calf muscles. Here you can find basic information on ART. THIS HURTS TERRIBLY!! But it feels so great the minute I step off of the table. I’m loose and relaxed. My muscles aren’t near as tight. I’m getting feeling back in my left leg again! Today he said he will you some form of tape to tape my muscles for healing. It’s like KT tape but isn’t. I should look real great with all of this tape. I’ll definitely have an update later today on how my ART went..and I’ll have a pic on me and my tapeness!! Good day! I’ll leave you with these pictures..just because!

My 10 year old in our back field..no alarm..it’s a BB gun!

This is what I’m eating for Supper…YAY!!.oh btw this is a picture of my pre race meal..I know I’m weird!

Me..being..well, Me! and my husband trying to get away..but we are in the car! Ha..gotcha!

And my cousins and I-pre race!!

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