RnR Dallas and Cravings

2012 Dallas Bling!!


My first Half Marathon finish at Rock n Roll New Orleans a few weeks ago (I’m in purple)…Will it happen again in DALLAS!!!??? In the same month???!!!


I haven’t been training like I should have for this, but I still feel very much in shape since NOLA. I ran 9 miles weekend before last and only 4 miles this past weekend. I have started CrossFit as my cross training recently. I love it. I am SORE..like it hurts to sit on a toilet seat…yes I know this was crazy to begin before running the Dallas Half Marathon this weekend, but It’s All Good! I shouldn’t be sore 3 days from now. STRETCH STRETCH STRETCH. That’s my plan for the next few days! This Girl and I leave bright and early Saturday morning. I’ll be tweeting during the weekend!

This is what I had for lunch today..(not my picture of actual salad)..this is what I wish it looked like!

Mine was just the basic iceberg lettuce, grilled shrimp, tomatoes, cheese, and boiled eggs with fat free ranch dressing. I wish it would have looked like this..it would have tasted better!

Wishing for and Craving this…

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