Dallas is Beautiful!


The view from our 18th floor room…Dallas Skyline! How amazing!

The below picture was taken on the course! The houses and neighborhoods we ran through were beautiful.

This was one of my favorites…because of course my favorite flower is the Tulip!! Beautifulness!! (I love this non-word)

Downtown Dallas right next to our hotel

Our ride arrived early!…Nah just picking..we just walked everywhere..up and down every hill! Whewf.. As a Louisianian I am SO used to flat terrain..I figured this out quickly in Dallas!

Beautiful Park with fountain between our hotel and the RnR Dallas Start Line.

…And an early morning view (thanks @katieRUNSthis for taking the pic) from our hotel room!

These were a few “city” pics of beautiful Dallas! RnR Dallas Race Recap coming soon!

Hopefully today I will get a few recovery miles, go back to Dr. Joel for A.R.T. (ouch)!! but in a good way, and possibly a CrossFit Jennings class…wow look at me trying to be all HardCore!!

Have you ever visited Dallas?

Have you ever ran in Dallas?

What are your workout plans for today??


2 thoughts on “Dallas is Beautiful!

  1. Found your blog through katierunsthis.com. I’m a blogger/runner/mom in Baton rouge! Great pics of Dallas, before we had kids, my husband and I lived in Dallas. It is a beautiful city and I did my training for my first marathon in Dallas. Glad you got to get away for such a fun race in Dallas!

  2. Hi there, I love finding new blogger/running buddies! Yes, we loved Dallas! It is gorgeous over there. We enjoyed our race, yes it was a bit difficult, but all in all it was a major success!

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