I ran with high school kids…And an Elementary Fitness Run

…and they kicked my butt! I wish I was in shape like the kids I ran “around” on the track today! I am in better shape than I was during MY high school years, but these kids just fly passed! I was so hot around NOON at the track I forgot to take a pic..but I’m there everyday so I have a pic of the track. This is from Tuesday at the Acadia Parish Fitness Meet, where my daughter competed.

Bragging a little: she took first in her heat in the 50yd dash and 4th in the 600 meter. She placed 2nd overall in the parish for Shuttle Run!! So proud of her!

Today I ran a little over a mile for warm up…at NOON it was 85 degrees and very hot!

Next, were 100’s…I ran a couple of these..According to my training I was suppose to do these in about 22.8-2.50 seconds…Well I surprised myself!…my first 100: 16.7…second 100: 19.1 and third 100: 20.2! I didn’t do many because I had to pick Kate up from basketball practice. I’m ok with today’s running because I didn’t feel like heading to the track to run at all at the hottest part of the day. I usually rather hang out with this guy at the track while he coaches practice… 🙂


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