Rock n Roll San Diego Half!!!..And Crescent City Classic 10K!!

2011 Start of San Diego Marathon and Half Marathon..Bee-you-tee-full!!!

The start line of the 2011 Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in San Diego. The Competitor Group, which organizes the events nationwide, will be bringing a Rock 'n' Roll Marathon to Pittsburgh for three years beginning in August 2013.

2011 Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon RACE BLING!!!!!

I booked my flight for San Diego!! All registered and read to go..OH the anticipation!


I laid low after the Dallas Half Marathon for a few days, but I was anxious to run. Soooo Friday I put on the running shoes and decided to run for an hour..that’s all I had time for before my chiropractor appointment. I started off running about 8:40 mile for about .25 then something hit me and I was rolling (for me) and it felt good..7:45 pace ..WHATT??? I never run in the 7’s except for speedwork very occasionally. I continued to feel great for about a mile and a half…it caught up with me around mile 2  and I slowed down to what I thought would have been 8:20ish. I continued to push a little harder than normal for just a regular run and finished 3.1(5k) at 24.41… I was upset at first because I felt like I should have beat my 5k pr which is 24:29 but I realized that I had just ran a Regular Run Not a Race in just a few more seconds than my Race PR..I decided to catch my breath and do a recovery mile during mile 4 then by mile 5 I had picked it up to the 9’s and hit mile 5 at 44;20-ish. I decided to push the last 1.2miles and see what my 10K would turn out. I was good with anything because at this point I was running ok again and new it was going to be a decent time..especiall knowing that I walked a little after the 5k point and jog mile 4 at 11-12min pace. I ended up with a 54.41 10K which my PR is 53:14 and this was just a training run so I was happy. I ended up jogging to finish up with 7miles in 1:03:26. My first “long run” 7 mile train back in January for my first Half Marathon was around 1hour 14min…I dropped my 7 mile run by at least 11 minutes since January..that’s good new to me!!

CRESCENT CITY CLASSIC HERE I COME!!!!!!! I am running the Crescent City Classic in New Orleans next Saturday…hope it goes as well as this past Friday Run!!

Anyone else running the RnRSD or Crescent City Classic..Holla..we can meet and greet!!!!


6 thoughts on “Rock n Roll San Diego Half!!!..And Crescent City Classic 10K!!

  1. That’s great that you are coaching with Team in Training! I am so pumped about the SD half..I still haven’t acquired the desire to run a Full Marathon yet..but my husband keeps telling me that it will come eventually!

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