RagnarSoCal, Troy Landry, Easter, CCC Expo..busy busy

Sooo… as of late yesterday evening I’m the newest member of the Team So Much Cooler Online Ragnar Relay, running from Huntington Beach to Coronado!! I’m so excited for this! More details to come soon!!

 Now on to Easter, Family, and Fun!

I baked this with my girls…except they always forget to continue helping after about 10 minutes!


I made this Easter morning..really great dish..eggs, bread chunks, seasoning, milk, sliced turkey, mushrooms and green onions!

I found the above recipe on my own from cooks.com (i think)…I googled:  egg and mushroom breakfast casserole..

more Crawfish…my grandfather and uncle are crawfish farmers with this guy……. (I told y’all I live in the SWAMP) 🙂


Ha, I swear this was the first time I wore “jorts” (ok, in many years)…My farm clothes!!

Delivered a new baby Lamb…haha…My husband was so proud I stepped outside and not onto the road to run, but to the barn with him…Doesn’t happen very often!!

worked the Gulf Coast Half Marathon Series booth at the Crescent City Classic 10K Expo

with this guy!!! One of the co-founders of the  GCHalf series…Adam!!

And saw this guy near our booth…

It’s been a productive, yet chaotic Holiday break that I’ve enjoyed thoroughly!!!

 Now off to run boring errands, gas, bank, Wal Mart, etc…

How has your Easter break been?

 Do you love Pinterest…I’m new to it and fell in love!!??

Anyone else out there ever ran a Ragnar Relay, or will be running a Ragnar relay?


5 thoughts on “RagnarSoCal, Troy Landry, Easter, CCC Expo..busy busy

  1. Busy lady! I’m running Ragnar Adirondacks Sept. 28-29th which will be my first. Super excited! I’m in charge of team spirit which, if it were up to me, everything would be showered in pink but since we have a mixed team I’m not so sure the men would appreciate that! 🙂

    • Ragnar SoCal is a last minute adventure! I’m scared I’m out of shape. We’ll see, hills make me nervous. “Showered in Pink”..some guys may actually like the pink..so many do these days! But I’m assuming most men wouldn’t be to happy running around in pink TuTu’s! LOL..good luck with the Adirondacks..I couldn’t imagine!

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