Ragnar Runner 10, Spaghetti Tacos, and Sky Pond!

I’m runner 10 next week for Ragnar Relays SoCal… I am a last minute sub. I’m nervous, yet excited! I’m nervous because I have never been to California much less run there. Hills..??? What are those??? Whewf.. this will be interesting.

Sydney and Kate have been asking me to make some crazy Spaghetti/Taco dish called Spaghetti Tacos..how original…They saw it on some Disney or Nickelodeon T.V. show…Here’s the outcome..which they thought was the best thing since sliced bread btw!

Excuse Kate’s fave plate..and that’s her thumb trying to make it talk to you!! My kids are so brilliant and imaginative..HA

My Uncle’s Camp and pond: Formally known as Sky Pond (my husband gets a kick out of the fact the my whole family continually says “Are you going to Sky Pond?”  “We are going to Sky Pond?”…”Do you want to go to Sky Pond?”…he’s like..REALLY? do we have to continually refer to a camp in the middle of no where as “Sky Pond”..haha my family is NUTS!…Ok..So here is SKY POND at Easter!!

My girls and my Aunt playing some game..where the ball almost rolls into one of the ponds every time and everyone yells..”NOOO”… I didn’t get it…


6 thoughts on “Ragnar Runner 10, Spaghetti Tacos, and Sky Pond!

  1. looking forward to meeting you next week! it’s going to be a lot of sweaty, sleepy FUN!! :)) love pinterest too! the Easter cake you made looks similar to another one I ALMOST made with the kids. The only difference was that it had peeps around it & m&m’s on top! The kids aren’t crazy about peeps but, I love the kit-kat idea!! very cute! :)) see you soon!


  2. When I arrived at Easter Lunch, my sister in law told me she saw the peeps idea that morning on Pinterest..I’m missed that one.. 😦 Well, back to making my bazillions of lists for my upcoming trip to California! Busy week approaching! And yes, see ya in a couple of days! Are you coming decorate the vans and have Margarita’s Thursday evening?

  3. Have fun on your relay! Hopefully yall will have good weather. I really want to do Ragnar Key West-nice and flat and beautiful!

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