…And I’m back!

Ok, I took a break per say, a long break. I enjoyed my summer with my girls and took off teaching my second graders with a bang. Now it’s that time, a new year and new resolutions and running! I may look into buying a treadmill next summer because that’s why I always stop my running, it’s just so darn HOT in South Louisiana. Anyway ok there was christmas…

And this happened…!!!

Sydney and Kate are so so excited about Disney world.. They started acting like this…

Then New Year’s Eve came along and T was snoring by 7:30 pm so I googled info on disneyworld!

And now my first running pic of myself.. For this year.. So listen.. If anyone actually reads this great! I need your help reminding me to get my butt up and run every day.. K, thanks.. Note to self.. If no one reads.. It’s a great diary to go back to years later! ( I reread through my last years posts tonight.. Nola half marathon, Dallas half, Ragnar SoCal, Kate’s state championship..) I loved looking back at the memories we made! Blogging from my phone.. Sorry if this post is misspelled or a little funky! See ya soon!


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