RnR New Orleans Half Marathon Part Deux

Update: My legs (hamstrings, piriformis, IT bands) feel so much better! That Active Release Technique has worked wonders on me. Yes I was one of the only screamers in the chiropractic office…but it was all worth the pain.

Ran 9.04 miles in 1:25 and felt great until about 7-8. That’s when my hip and knee started bothering me, but overall pretty good! Lots and Lots of ice, foam rolling, stretching, repeat. It’s amazing how that stuff really works! 🙂

I won this awesome gift card from Rock n Roll series and KatieRUNSthis.com!!!


 And met these great tweeps too!

Moi (@cajun_runner) with @tpwatergirl, @voodooChum, and @kristynKG

The Half race was so great I’m still on  a runner’s high! I can’t really do a review since I have not run any other Half races. I can say that I was able to get into the corral I wanted, the music and environment were great, I started at 7:14am and I was in corral 10! That pretty much means the corrals started every 1.5 minutes. I had no problems taking off at my 9:20 pace. I stayed here for a little while until I realized 9:15 was still feeling good!

I must be honest, I’m not good at all keeping pace(kind of like I’m terrible at keeping blog posts and pics in correct order 🙂 ). I will look at my watch and be running 9:15 and feel great, then look again 30 secs later and be at a 7:40..and then I think…whoa…slow down…you so can’t hold that pace for longer than a few minutes. I have to be very careful not to go out too fast and get worn out! My hubs last few words to me as he walked me up to the finish…Erica..DON’T take off too fast and get burnt out by mile 4…oh and …babe get up closer..no up more in the front of the corral..FRONT…(ok Todd…I’m not running your 3:20 marathon pace dude). I smile. Erica, no seriously you are going to get hung up in the back and be aggravated with the walkers stopping in front of you, you better get up front..like on the line.!!! Goodness I gotta love him! I finally said, “Todd, I met these girls and I’m talking to them, they are nice!” He backed off by then…haha..thinking back on that convo is priceless..those girls were probably thinking..dang either she can run or husband needs to put on her bib and run like Forrest!! LOL…I crack myself up!

Glad I forgot to stop for bathroom break!

Start Line about half hour before start! Big party and Loud music!

Walking from hotel to the start..so many people as soon as you step out of the elevator at my hotel! Luv it!

Nervous Pervous…refuel, band aids and hair stuff set right next to coffee!

Set out everthing the night before..although I would have had plenty of time race morning since I woke up at 1:28am..ugh and couldn’t sleep..so nervous. My alarm went off 4:00am and I slept through it until 5! At least I got 1 more hour of rest..sort of!

Ok, back to the race Erica, I felt so great the whole time. It was really literally like a blurrrr!!!! It was a beautiful day and very cool weather! Everything just fell into place. I trained for a 9:45 pace, but at the VERY last minute turned my pace coach (runkeeper) to 9:15. I thought to myself…awesome..even if I stay behind it may push me. It took until mile 4 something to finally settle into place. I took it all in and watched to spectators, they were great! I even saw firemen all decked out in a lot of gear and carrying tanks and American Flags. They passed me..yes seriously, I just watched in awe! I thought, man that must be hot in there! By the time I knew it I was in front of the St. Louis Cathedral at Jackson Square! This was awesome. I think I was tired and wishing for a Gseries station and GU, but all of that was in the back of my mind. On the surface it was just surreal!

At mile 10 I turned onto Esplanade Street and looked up at a hotel balcony..all of a sudden I hear..It’s Erica…ERICAAAAA!! It was my Aunt and Uncle and a few cousins!!! They were there for my cousins I mentioned in Part 1 that were running! It was great seeing them! That gave me a little rush until mile..umm..10.5! ha. Miles 11-13.1 were a bit more strained. I forgot to use the bathroom, so with every stride I was tightening with all I had! This actually took a lot of energy. I was going to stop at a port-a-potty, BUT THERE WERE NO MORE ON THE COURSE…at least none that I saw. I waited wayyyy to long. Lesson learned…pee at mile 7ish next time so you don’t pee your pants! LOL

As soon as I saw the finish I looked at the clock: 1:57:xx…I’m going to do this in under 2 HOURS..Yippeeeee! I can’t believe this…sprint Erica, pass ’em up…go! It got crowded at the finish line but I was bobbin’ and swurvin’ and passing up some people at the end!

Finish Time: 1:58:37 🙂 🙂 🙂

HALLLLLELUIAHHHH!!! I am finished..in under 2…and feel fine! Wait…omgoodness need port-a-potty ASAP!!

Grabbed some water, gatorade, marathon bar, and took a picture. By now my kiddos were hollering my name through the fence..Well Syd was yelling MOM…you know how many kids are yelling mom!!! at the finish line of a half marathon??…Many Many…so then I hear Kate..she’s yelling..AAARRRIckAAAAA… Yes, that’s my daughter I can hear her…where are they, where are they??! I was all confused and exhausted all of a sudden. Found the fam outside the finish area, drank my chocolate milk, stretched, and visited the port-a-potty a bit! Then headed over to the Family reunion for more rest before the drive home! Excuse the pics..something was on my camera lens and I didn’t realize until later.

Kate, Me, Sydney                      

Family pic with Coach Todd in front of the main bandstand!

All in all I’m sure I left so many details out..it was such a great experience and will definitely be running this race next year…God willing! Love RnR NOLA!!!

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